Golden Confusion: Paul Levy talks to Jack Klaff about Beyond Price and Donald T and Boris J

In a 45 minute long, ten minuted interview, writer and actor, Jack Klaff, talks to Paul levy about two of his shows at the Fringe. Beyond Price. “Highlights from those shows that couldn’t make it to this Festival. Klaff will commemorate anniversaries. Yes, we’ll see Jack as fornicating pandas, dubbed Carry On characters, a verse-speaking Mandela and tap-dancing robots. But there’s also visceral material here. We’ll discover what today’s theatre makers plan and value, what issues of the day concern them and what plays governments ban and keep from us. A rounding-off of Summerhall’s season and a celebration of the live art of the theatre, replete with almost illegal dollops of fun.” Jack also talks about a recent addition to the Fringe, in which he plays and offers A Q and A with Donald T and Boris J. The rest of the interview is a debate about the role and importance of confusion. The Boris and Donald show plays at 5pm between 6-12th August a part of the Free Fringe.

Listen to our interview with Jack Klaff about Beyond Price and A Q and A with Donald T and Boris J