A Solo Theatre Exploration of The Merchant of Venice: Paul Levy talks to Ross Ericson about Gratiano









A Solo Theatre Exploration of The Merchant of Venice lies at the heart of this piece by the writer of The Unknown Solider from Grist to the Mill Productions.  Paul Levy talks to writer and performer, Ross Ericson about Gratiano.

“Bassanio has been murdered and, under suspicion, Gratiano is forced to revisit his fascist past. He was never the hero – just a minor character, the plucky comic relief – but he never thought he played the villain. Set in post-war Italy, this challenging sequel to William Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice explores the politics of prejudice in the modern age and asks just how Mussolini managed to use democracy to turn a people against themselves.”

Listen to our interview with Ross Ericson about Gratiano