Using Theatre to Explore Identity and Big Data: Paul Levy talks to Jack Jackman about iDENTiTY








Writer and director Jack Jackman talks to Paul Levy about iDENTiTY, which is one of a growing number of shows at the Fringe exploring the impact of the digital realm on our lives. Jack shares his experiences of writing the piece and then turning it into a unique piece of theatre at the Fringe.

‘You can lie to yourself. But you can’t lie to Big Data.’ A sequence of darkly humorous plays about identity in the modern world. Online, she may be your best friend, but can you really trust him offline? Can you buy your unborn child’s identity, and do you get what you pay for? How much of your identity have you already sold to Big Data? Will gene-splicing result in us having too many mums? And what if someone literally stole your identity?

Listen to our interview with Jack Jackman about iDENTiTY