From Short Story to Theatre Piece: Paul Levy talks to Chris Drummond and Nigel Levings about The Aspirations of Daise Morrow







Chris Drummond (Director)(right) and Nigel Levings (Lighting Designer)(left) talks to Paul Levy about The Aspirations of Daise Morrow.

Chris is Artistic Director of Brink Productions. and director of The Aspirations of Daise Morrow, based on a short story by Patrick White (originally titled Down at the Dump). There’s live music by Zephyr Quartet. The play is produced by Far and Away Productions, with lighting design by Tony Award-winning Nigel Nevings.

Chris talks about how the short story became a theatre production and the artistic journey the process has taken him on.

“Australia’s towering literary genius Patrick White’s language is pure performance in this richly theatrical adaptation. Actors, musicians and audience share the space beneath a canvas of Australian sky. The work shifts and swirls, drawing the audience into the immediacy of a strangely familiar world – the suburb of Barranugli – where the Whalley family are getting ready for a day at the dump, while next door the Hogbens prepare to bury the scandalous Daise Morrow. Brutally funny, this is storytelling rich with music and light.”

Our first interview at Edinburgh Fringe, Week Zero, we chatted on a train out of Kings Cross bound for Edinburgh, with input from train ticket collectors and friendly announcers!

Listen to our interview with Chris Drummond and Nigel Levings about The Aspirations of Daise Morrow