Magical Therapy: Jo Tomalin talks to Sheila Rubin about healing through magic in Transformation


Magical Therapy: Jo Tomalin talks to Sheila Rubin – writer, performer and therapist – about healing through magic, and Saun-Toy Trotter, director of Transformation. Rubin describes her show as Self-Revelatory Performance, a form of drama therapy and theatre.

Once upon a time, two sisters desperately hide their secret Cat Stevens album Tea for the Tillerman and the forbidden record player in a different dimension, then feel terror at the first sound of keys in the lock. We return to this moment in time after both have grown up and one has become a therapist. Letters from the grave may provide freedom for one and devastation for the other. We attempt to discover through magic, story and improvisation what is a magic trick and what is true magic.

Listen to our interview with Sheila Rubin and Saun-Toy Trotter about Transformation: