The Donald Returns to the Fringe: Paul Levy talks to Jack Bolton about Trump’d

There are over ten Trump-themed shows at this year’s Fringe. Paul Levy talks to Jack Bolton about paradoy musical comedy show, Trump’d, it’s success and how he creates the character. (Visit the web site)

“Featured in TIME Magazine, BBC News, The Scotsman and The Times; the sellout parody musical returns. The year is 2030. Supreme dictator Donald Trump has brought society to the brink. As resistance grows, a reckoning must come. Will the Mexican Resistance find their way home? Will the last remnants of ISIS finally have their revenge? Is Arnold Schwarzenegger really a robot, or just that good an actor? Find out on an all-singing, all-dancing, parody musical journey through the desolate wasteland of future America.”

Listen to our interview with Jack Bolton about Trump’d!