Theatre in Threes: Paul Levy talks to John Hinton about Scientrilogy







Tangram Theatre Company bring three shows to Adelaide Fringe. Paul levy talks to creator and performer John Hinton about the scientific legends that power his Scientrilogy.

John Hinton is “a theatre practitioner and science communicator. His ‘Scientrilogy’ of musical comedies, in which he plays Charles Darwin (The Origin of Species…), Albert Einstein (Albert Einstein: Relativitively Speaking) and Marie Curie (The Element in the Room), have won multiple awards internationally and have toured almost continually since 2009. These three shows are produced by Tangram Theatre Company, of whom John is a founder member and artistic associate.

(For some reason, this interview came out a bit echoey. Forgive us but it is still eminently listenable – Ed.

Part 1

Part 2