A Life-Affirming Play: Paul Levy talks to Amy Whitington about My Life Closed Twice







Paul Levy talks to co-author and director Amy Whitington from Gauntlet Theatre about devised theatre piece My Life Closed Twice which she co-wrote with writer and performer Joseph Hand.

“After being diagnosed with schizophrenia aged 20, Joe’s life becomes a cacophony of visions, voices and questionable media stereotypes. From the noise appears a young woman in a red hoodie who holds his hand and helps him, in spite of everything, to carry on. Based on the real life experiences of writer and performer Joseph Hand, and winner of the Gothenburg Fringe ‘Hot Potato Award’ 2018, this life-affirming play meets the taboos surrounding mental illness head-on, and is an antidote to the fear and misunderstanding surrounding psychosis and mental illness.”

Listen to our interview with Amy Whitington about My Life Closed Twice