Audio Interviews at Singapore Fringe Festival 2019

Here you will find audio interviews at Singapore Fringe Festival:

11. Loo Zihan talks to Jo Tomalin about the development of his Queer Objects installation and his new performance lecture Catamite, an interactive one person show (Singapore).

Photo credit: Tom Giebel

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10. Performance poet Jemima Foxtrot talks with Jo Tomalin about developing and performing one person shows and Above The Mealy-Mouthed Sea with Unholy Mess (UK).

photo credit: Camilla Greenwell

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9. The Cast – Jamie de Courcey and Hayley Doherty – and Michael Pinchback, Writer & Director –  of A Fortunate Man talk to Jo Tomalin about devising a show based on the Book : A Fortunate Man (UK).

Photo credit: Julian Hughes

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8. Sean Tobin, Artistic Director of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival and Suzanne Victor, Visual Artist of Still Waters talk to Jo Tomalin about this year’s Festival (Australia | Singapore).

Photo credit: left-STPI | right-André Chong

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7. Kris Natarajan, Nisa Syarafana, Astley Xie, and Charmaine Goh of Patch and Punnet talk with Jo Tomalin about creating and devising The Adventures of Abhijeet (Singapore).

Photo credit: Andre Chong and Lee Lip Jiang

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6. Koh Wan Ching Director of precise purpose of being broken talks with Jo Tomalin about her background, developing her show and the importance of Movement in Theatre (Singapore).

Photo by Tuckys Photography, Courtesy of Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay

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5. Sharon Frese, Irfan Kasban & Ng Yi-Sheng talk with Jo Tomalin about creating Ayer Hitam: A Black History of Singapore (Singapore | UK).

Photo Credit: Irfan Kasban

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4: Members of Bhumi Collective, Soultari Amin Fared (Creative Director) and KayKay Nizam who both perform in yesterday it rained salt talk to Jo Tomalin about devising the show with playwright Nabila Said and choreographer Norhaizad Adam (Singapore).

Photo credit: Mark Benedict Cheong

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3: Hanane Hajj Ali, Artist, Activist, Writer and Performer of Jogging: Theatre in Progress talks with Jo Tomalin about her background, the development of her one woman show, touring internationally and in her home country of Lebanon (France | Lebanon).

Photo credit: Marwan Tahtah

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2: Nabilah Said talks with Jo Tomalin about her work and plays ANGKAT: A Definitive, Alternative, Reclaimed Narrative of a Native and yesterday it rained salt (Singapore).


Photo Credits: left + centre – Courtesy of the artist; (right) Mark Benedict Cheong

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1: Sean Cham talks to Jo Tomalin about This is Where – how and why he developed this series of images – after we walked around a Singapore neighborhood to view two of the thirteen different images in his exhibition (Singapore).

Artist – Sean Cham
(Photo Credits Sean Cham)

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