Creating Solo Physical Theatre and the Environment: Jo Tomalin talks with Tom Bailey about vanishing species and Vigil

Jo Tomalin talks with physical theatre performer Tom Bailey who is also Artistic Director of award-winning theatre company, Mechanimal. His company is interested in devising physical theatre projects exploring the relationship between human and non-human species. After last year’s successful physical theatre show ‘Zugunruhe’ a sound-theatre project exploring both human migration and bird migration, Bailey presents a new show at this  year’s EdFringe: Vigil.

“Bali tiger. Dusky seaside sparrow. Cinnamon-coloured cryptic treehunter. Psychedelic rock gecko. Fire millipede from Hell… One human. Twenty-six thousand animals. A wildly intimate, interspecies meditation on mass animal disappearance.”

Listen to our interview with Tom Bailey from Mechanimal