Developing a Comedy Show and Making a Living: Jo Tomalin talks to Matthew Fong about BBC British-Born Chinese

Storyteller and stand up comedian Matthew Fong has performed around the world and is a regular on the UK circuit. Jo Tomalin talks to Matthew Fong about developing his comedy, making a living in this career and BBC British-Born Chinese playing at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

BBC is the debut show from british born chinese comedian Matthew Fong. His politically incorrect view on love, life and growing up is far from political. A whimsical comedian that has found his voice and making the most of it. 

His conversational style makes audiences feel at ease almost immediately and his hour will fly by like you are having drinks with a good friend you haven’t seen in ages. His recantations of his adventures and misadventures over the last few years are not for the faint of heart.

Matt is a whimsical story teller that is undeniably funny a must for everyone’s Fringe bucket list.”

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