Gig Theatre – What exactly is it? Jo Tomalin talks to Niall from Pound of Flesh Theatre Company talks about Gig Theatre and Fires Our Shoes Have Made

Gig Theatre is a genre of theatre that is increasing in popularity. Jo Tomalin talks with Niall, a co-producer of Pound of Flesh Theatre Company’s contemporary spoken word play Fires Our Shoes Have Made at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe. Niall is in his last year studying Drama at Warwick University and the rest of the cast are recent graduates of the same programme. In our interview Niall describes gig theatre with reference to their current production.

School, skipped. Six months ago, when they lost their mum, their names shot past the sun and echoed through the stars. Today they become the greats they’re destined to be. A journey through a city like London: one with trolls and warlocks, goblins and knives. For 13-year-old Jay and eight-year-old Saskia, this is the biggest quest of their lives. A mash-up of gig theatre, live foley and hip-hop-influenced slam poetry, this modern fable takes audiences to another world. Pound of Flesh won three awards at NSDF 2019.

Listen to our interview with the Co-Producer of Fires Our Shoes Have Made

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