How do actors make a living? Jo Tomalin talks to two working actors Steve Cowley and Ryan Gilks about acting and (Ab)solution

Actors audition to be cast in plays or films and work in a variety of performance projects to make a viable living. Jo Tomalin talks with Steve Cowley and Ryan Gilks – two actors who auditioned and were cast in (Ab)solution, which is at the Fringe this month – about the play, its powerful themes and their prior and upcoming projects.

Three brothers go to confession, each admitting sins against the same woman. Michael is a family man and secret sex addict. Alec is a mummy’s boy confused about his sexuality. Ryan is a rebel who has anger issues and a drug dependency. Michael and Ryan add fuel to their existing sibling rivalry with Alec when he introduces the free-spirited Fiona as his girlfriend, leading to dire consequences. Secrets are revealed and family loyalty is tested in this dark drama about lust, guilt, jealousy and deceit.”

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