What do Performers Need to Know about Applying to Fringe Festivals in the USA + Canada? Jo Tomalin talks to Grant Knutson a Fringe Consultant who supports Independent Artists who want to perform at Fringe Festivals in North America

There are many Fringe Festivals in North America and they are coordinated by different organizations. How can fringers find out about them? Jo Tomalin talks to Grant Knutson, a fringe consultant and Managing Director of Minion Productions, who helps independent artists find out about fringe festivals, how to fringe in North America and about the different things performers need to know in order to start applying to North American fringes – or for performers who want to spread their wings and discover more fringes.

This interview followed a very interesting discussion session led by Grant Knutson and Christina Auguello, Artistic Director of EXIT Theatre and founder of the San Francisco Fringe, during the 2019 San Francisco Fringe Festival held at the EXIT Theatre.

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