Making Theatre for Audiences of 4-7 People: Jo Tomalin talks to Emma Brierley about creating immersive visual shows and Swallow the Sea Caravan Theatre

Making creative theatre for very small audiences in a caravan depends on the size of the caravan. Jo Tomalin talks to Emma Brierley, about developing and performing immersive visual theatre, including puppetry, poetry and storytelling and touring Swallow the Sea Caravan Theatre.

From the absurd to the moving, magical, funny and intriguing. Swallow the Sea Caravan Theatre gives an escape from the norm and plunges audiences into a different world. Shadow and tabletop puppetry, object theatre, poetry, installation and live soundscape give a rare opportunity to experience intimate all-immersive theatre in the tiniest of settings with the smallest of audiences. ‘Hauntingly beautiful sound and imagery’, ‘simple yet powerful imaginary world’, and ‘the gem of the Fringe’ (Audience reviews, 2018).”

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