Solo Character Comedy: Paul Levy talks to Lucy Farrett about Lucy Farrett: Lois








Paul Levy talks to Lucy Farrett about her solo character comedy show Lucy Farrett: Lois.

“Lois: your new favourite action hero. She fights the man, steals from the rich and eats yummy punks for breakfast. She’ll avenge the death of your mother, your brother, even your good-for-nothin’ goldfish, Margaret. Join acclaimed kook Lucy Farrett for a preview of her blockbuster action-hero character comedy/identity crisis as she throws an actual kitchen sink at the world and blends some bad guys into a bullet smoothie of justice. The equally ridiculous follow-up to Farrett’s hit debut character show, LadyFace. Directed by Hayden Wood.”

Listen to our interview with Lucy Farrett about Lucy Farrett – Lois

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