Way Beyond Average: Paul Levy talks to Guy Lloyd about Guy Lloyd: Radio Blah Blah

                    Guy Lloyd: Radio Blah Blah

Paul Levy talks to Guy Lloyd about his new solo comedy show, Guy Lloyd: Radio Blah Blah which premieres at Brighton Fringe 2019. Combining stand-up, storytelling, film, character acting and plenty of truthful reflection, Guy Lloyd talks about how he made this very personal fringe show. I saw a preview of this at the Marwood in Brighton and am happy to report that tickets should be booked.

“In August of last year, radio presenter Guy Lloyd was sacked after thirteen years of broadcasting his decidedly average show. A career that included doing Reiki on a mentally disturbed parrot live on air, interviewing the stars backstage at Glastonbury, desperate appearances on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and ‘Come Dine With Me’ and broadcasting live from a real estate in Hove. From starting out on hospital radio to spending an evening with John Lydon, this is the full, uncut story of Guy’s rise and fall from showbiz stardom. A show about love, loss, grief and how great hair, gets you everywhere.”

Listen to our interview with Guy Lloyd about Guy Lloyd Radio Blah Blah