Physical Comedy, Hambone and Healing: Unique Derique talks to Jo Tomalin about Performing + Drama Therapy

Unique Derique (aka Lance McGee) is a performer from the San Francisco Bay Area. As a professional clown Derique has performed his unique physical comedy show to audiences of all ages in the US and internationally. He is also a Trauma-Informed Wellness Consultant, Drama Therapist, and Mindfulness Coach providing support to Oakland, CA middle-school educators, administrators, staff, and students. During the pandemic his performances of Fool La La: Shelter in Play are a zany at-home virtual comedy full of technological mishaps and playful mayhem, with an after show juggling and hambone workshop. Jo Tomalin catches up with Derique after many years, talking about his career, performing virtually and becoming a Drama Therapist.

Listen to our interview with Unique Derique here
(22 minutes)

More information about Unique Derique and upcoming virtual shows:
– Fool La La: Shelter in Play 
– Moisture Festival, Seattle
Moisture Festival