Scottish Pakistani writer, actor and stand-up comedian Lubna Kerr talks to Jo Tomalin about her career and show Tickbox

Scottish Pakistani actor, writer and stand-up comedian talks about how she started writing and performing with Jo Tomalin. Lubna presents Tickbox – her latest theatre/comedy/storytelling show at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021.

“Tickbox is a semi-autobiographical, one-woman play, in Scots-English and Urdu. Describing a Pakistani woman’s journey from a middle-class life in Pakistan to Govan in Glasgow, sharing the challenges and contrasts. Intertwined with the story of her daughter and their parallel lives, decades apart. Both women faced barriers that typecast them in a stereotypical role of downtrodden Asian women. Amusing questions such as ‘but where are you really from’ raised issues of identity that needed answering by both. Tickbox combines theatre, storytelling and comedy to interweave the journeys of these two Scottish Pakistani women united by passion and determination.”

Listen to our interview with Lubna Kerr talking about her show Tickbox (20 minutes)

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