Bipolar Disorder and Solo Show: Jo Tomalin talks with Bennet Caffee about his latest show exploring his own experiences and creation of My First Miracle — adventures in bipolar disorder

My First Miracle by Bennet Caffee, San Francisco

I’m standing in the middle of a football stadium full of people.They think they’re here for a Rolling Stones concert, but they’re really here for me and I see in front of me a girl standing on crutches – My First Miracle – I’m gonna make her walk. Adventures in Bipolar Disorder

“I’m a San Francisco based solo performer. My shows are about my experiences with bipolar mood disorder, which I’ve managed to keep private the majority of my life. For the most part my mood swings have been mild enough to hide, but I’ve had a few full on manic episodes that have led to some outrageous experiences I like to talk about, like this one.”