Improvisation and Bingewatch: Jo Tomalin talks to Dan Wilson and Diana Brown about their theatre background, stories and improvised show at San Francisco Fringe

Nationally touring improv duo, Bingewatch, takes the shows that you love to watch and mashes them together to create the pilot for a show you’d obsess over for months.

Dan Wilson (Dan) has been making things up in the Bay Area for over 20 years as an actor, playwright, director, and improvisor. He was the producer of the podcast Radiostar Improv, the author of the musical Sweetie Tanya: the Demon Barista of Valencia Street and the romantic dramedy Just One More Game, as well as the director of (and author of two pieces in) the Grateful Deadly, all of which were seen at The Exit Theatre. As part of Bingewatch, he has performed all over the country.

Diana Brown (Diana) is thrilled to be back at SF Fringe. Diana is half of the nationally touring comedy duo Bingewatch. Bingewatch won Best Improv at the Fringe Festival of Pittsburgh. She’s Director of Community with Leela Improv Theatre Co. Diana appears with Speechless San Francisco as a presenter and on the judges panel. Teaching credits include: Leela, Laguna Playhouse, Berkeley Rep’s School of Theatre, City College SF. She directs the improv ensembles The Professionals, Peach Pit, Menage et Duo & Timeless.

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