How to travel to Edinburgh as a crazy cat lady

First off, bring your cat. If your furry feline does not wish to exist in one of these efficient space-like carry packs whilst you jetset halfway across the world to wander around the land of unicorns,

then be sure to have at least 107 cute cats pics on your phone to share with as many strangers as possible. Flyering? Waste of time. Lure people in to your show using your sweet kitty’s hypnotic eyes.

Get this noise generator that sounds like a purring cat to drown out the sounds of raucous drunks and out-of-hand theatre-makers roaming the streets in the wee hours of the morn.

Be sure not to de-fuzz your black clothing so you’re sure to signal to everyone you meet that you, indeed, absolutely love cats and own at least 4. (And yes you’re single and have lived alone for nearly 15 years.)

It’s chilly and rainy in Edinburgh! Wear as many cat-inspired hoodies and sweaters and leggings that you can possibly find. In fact, just dress up like a cat. See how warm this looks?!? And you’re sure to grab people’s attention.

Once you’ve finely crafted your cat costume to perfection, enact the entirety of the new CATS trailer–playing each character yourself, of course–along the Royal Mile instead of doing a scene from your show. Everyone knows this musical–no one will understand what the living hell is going on in the vulnerable and nuanced  breakup scene you thought about performing because you want people to take you seriously as a Fringe Newcomer. The CATS trailer, however, makes total sense and will be clear as day to anyone who sees you perform it. Take this rare opportunity to showcase your versatility and creativity.

Be proud. Let your CCLFFF (crazy cat lady freak flag fly)!