It’s Quite Possible Mandy’s Lost Her Mind

I’m 39.

I’ve been single for nearly 39 years.

I’ve had a handful of “situationships,” but never a reciprocal relationship where we’ve both equally liked/loved each other–either the guy loved me, and I was like, “ehh,” or I was obsessed with him, and he was like, “boo, bye”. He damn-near disappeared.

I started an Instagram experiment last year called Mandy Picks a Husband @mandypicksahusband to get serious about finding a guy who is open to commitment. I figured if I just put it out there, that I’m looking for a husband not just playing around on Tinder, only viable options would choose to date me.

Welp, most of the guys I dated found the Instagram page, and were none too happy to find that I was dishing very awkward truths about our encounters. Thus, I made the page private.

While the page went private, my life story went public. I decided to write a full-length show about it all: about my adventures; why it’s been such a challenge for me to enter into a reciprocal, committed relationship; why I tend to choose these really horrid, trashy men. I’ve laid it all out there in my show–and being the introverted Cancer that I am, I am shocked I’ve been so transparent. I did change all they guys’ names though–I have no wish to be sued. I’m an actor after all, there’s not much to get from me except long hours in a court room. No time for that noise!

I wrote the show over the last year, and performed a reading on 6 April 2019. I had anticipated spending another 6 months working on the script, but the folks who came to see it urged me to produce it right away. So, I, in a state of complete insanity–and a wee bit of trust in the Universe–submitted myself to the Hollywood Fringe 3 weeks before the Festival began. To my complete suprise, I had sold out shows, got nominated for awards, and won a handful of them. And honestly, all I expected was to have 10 people in each audience and pat myself on the back for taking the leap to memorize a 27-page monologue.

Once it was over, I figured, ok! I did it! This is the end. Good times.

But then audiences urged, “you must share this story with the world! Take it abroad!”

So in an even more insane moment of insanity, I applied to EdFringe 2 weeks ago. By some magic or voodoo or complete mistake, I managed to get a 12:15 slot at theSpace UK North Bridge from 12-17 August to perform this solo show of mine. It’s raw, it’s ridiculous, it’s real. It’s my story. I’ve done my best to tell the truth. To share myself, be vulnerable, and hopefully uplift and inspire others to fall in love … ultimately with themselves.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey from Hollywood to Edinburgh–not only with my experiences as a #fringevirg, but also with my adventures in finding … and keeping … the One. I’m gonna need all the support I can get …

More about the show: