We’re EFFing open!

Well… we did it! We’re officially open. Edinburgh Fringe is on its way and we’ve begun our first ever Fringe as the Imagination Workshop (IW) hub. IW, like all hubs around Edinburgh, has opened its doors now our tech rehearsals are done and our rooms are set up and ready. As of 1 August we have our three flagship shows from ITI up and running – Confetti & Chaos, Faulty Towers The Dining Experience and Only Fools The (cushty) Dining Experience.

We spent the last few days in the midst of very organised chaos: planning room set ups, rehearsals and run throughs, flyering, talking to press, having boxes of banners, posters and flyers delivered, setting up lighting and seating, having council checks, selling tickets. No member of our team has been idle this week! But now we are open and it’s all been worth it.

Over the next few days we have some of our other hub shows open as well, Comfort Food Cabaret, The Dots, Myra, Love/Hate Actually, Stand-up Poet, Cherie-My Struggle and two comedians: Glenn Doncaster and Angus Brown! It’s been all go here.

It’s easy, especially in the first part of the Fringe, to neglect self-care. Every moment is effortlessly preoccupied with items from a list marked URGENT. I am no stranger to a missed meal or three but remember to take time for yourself! Fringe can be a hard slog (especially when your get struck with Fringe Flu) and the only way to survive is to be mindful and compassionate of your own needs. So we want to encourage you to take that hour lunch break, go on that gentle walk around the park, listen to your favourite podcast, do whatever you have to do make it through. 😉

We’ll be back with more soon, but until then we wanted to leave you with a few of our favourite moments from the past couple of days!




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