Many Different Paths

Well, I am back in Sussex and so writing my final EdFringe19 blog post with the benefit of some sleep and a little hindsight.

It was a blast and heart-warming.  It was also exhausting, and sometimes disheartening.

We had wonderful reactions to our two shows Sary and Metamorphosis; some lovely audience feedback and a handful each of really positive reviews (plus one bizarre and negative one – see previous post!).

Audience numbers were disappointing though, and it’s hard to know how best to be heard amongst the din of 4000 shows.  And of course social media was full of people seeming to be having far more success (or occasionally of those who were fed up and really struggling).   It sometimes felt like we were trying to scale a huge cliff and that some kind of heroic act was needed.

But there are many different reasons to go to Edinburgh, and ways to measure success, just as there are different (and more gradual) routes to get to its castle.

We have continued to hone both shows, and to strengthen our working partnerships.

I met lots of other writers and performers, and have developed links that might lead to future work.

I saw a lot of theatre and a couple of art exhibitions.  I reviewed 18 shows, and saw another 33. Wow!

I am continuing to discover what I most love in theatre, and to explore what I am best able to create.

We have sown seeds for the future.  And we had fun!

Not a bad way to spend August, eh?