Fringe Therapy – Workshop Sessions for Performers and Artists

IMG_3052Fringe can be hugely fun, an opportunity to meet amazing people and be creatively inspired.

But so many of us become marketeers, pushing things that are full of our heart and soul into a 20 second promo. This can start to grate and the thing that suffers most is the creative drive that brought you here.

Fringe Therapy: meditation and movement sessions for artists and performers in Edinburgh.

Get some space to get back into your body, be silly, be creative and re-release your artistic child.

Come join us at Sweet Venues on Grassmarket at 10am for an hour from Monday 15th to Friday 19th (not Tues 16th). These workshops to be accessible to anyone so they are pay-what-you-can (if you can’t pay anything that’s totally fine).

They are facilitated by Simon Magnus, director of Root Experience, an interactive arts company that inspires people to positively and creatively connect to the world around them. Simon in currently in Edinburgh working as dramaturg with Spun Glass Theatre for their performances at ZOO Southside.

If you want to find out more email