Guest Blog; Black-Bottomed Cow Tales From The Cotton Club

FringeReview welcomes Karen Baker and Lisa Douglas as guest bloggers for their Brighton Fringe show, Mr Frank’s Cotton Club.

“The famous Mister Frank presents a debauched prohibition themed night of live music, Charleston lessons, dancing and plenty of drinking! Meet at the Warren Box Office for your passage to the most talked about secret location at Brighton Fringe. Be sure to look the part for this amazing 1920s themed evening.”

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17th May – We’re in full swing!

Damn it’s been busy down here at The Cotton Club! So damn busy in fact that we’ve neglected this here lil blog somewhat! Sorry Frank’s fans…..

We’re two shows in and the place has been rocking, and you good people are drinking us a dry… As we speak Frank is sweating his purdy lil ass off brewing more of that damn fine moonshine.

But, hey, don’t take our word for it, have a look at this titivating lil snippet of the fun and games……



4th May – One Day To Go!

The heat is on, Frank and the team are sweating! Not only because of the sweltering spring day as they turn this liquor factory into the most talked about Speak Easy in town… but also because there’s chatter about old FDR getting office and legalizing booze. Frank’s worried…. what’s going to become of him? He’s had the most successful bootlegging business in the state and has a team of workers relying on him… big pressure!

There’s only one thing for it….. A massive shindig! Let’s get all this booze drunk before the feds get their grubby hands on….

That’s why we’re working so hard! We’re throwing 4 big nights of debauchery before we have to hot tail it out of here and try and make a new life for ourselves. Get your purty little selves along for a big night of drinking us dry, dancing, entertainment and so much more. Don’t miss the hottest ticket in town, cos in 4 weeks time, Frankie’s gonna be gone… but where to…..?



1st May 2018 – Opal’s Story


That wretched broad Opal St Clair has been mischief making for a while now. She has a love hate relationship with Frankie and checkered past to say the least.

Rather than do her any injustice, we thought we’d let her tell her own story……







Mister Frank aka Frankie Four Fingers

17th April 2018 – What the Frank is this Cotton Club carry on?

Frank’s getting tetchy.

He’s been locked away in the sweat shop for months now, relentlessly brewing moonshine as demand grows and his gang of trusty stooges ferry the elixir across the county. Times are hard, people are dry and Frank’s special brews are all that is keeping folk going…..

Silent Joe is no help, he’s just, well… silent. Some right hand man, eh?

And to make it all worse that goddam canary had the bright idea of putting on a show…. A show? Right here? Bringing all these guys and dames right to Frank’s front door. As if Frank isn’t busy enough. A speakeasy? Right here? Those goddam boozehounds will drink Frank dry!

In only a matter of weeks, this place will be overrun… people singing, dancing and most of all drinking! Frank has been working tirelessly for years to build up one of the most notorious bootlegging mobs around. And now he’s risking it all…

He needs to get this right, he just has to…… Frank is feeling the pressure. Will he deliver……?