Paul Levy talks to Jolie Booth about Sisterhood and Museum of Ordinary People






Paul Levy talks to Jolie Booth from Kriya Arts about Sisterhood and Museum of Ordinary People.

Sisterhood: “Scratch performance: Three women, aged 20, 40 and 60 (but not a virgin, mother or hag in sight), set about unpicking the fine weave of our existence, re-examining with fresh and furious eyes the threads of gender, fertility, sexual assault, our collective future and the state of feminism today. What taboos need eating? Which sacred cows should we slaughter? What will help us thrive? But most importantly of all – how are we going to sort this bloody mess out? As the analogue world disappears into the mists of time…  ‘Sisterhood’ is a fearless adventure into the dark heart of this paradigm shift.”

Museum of Ordinary People: “A temporary museum of new exhibitions celebrating the ripples that ordinary people leave behind, created through a series of workshops held for members of the public where they learned to creatively archive and curate their own collections; including an archive of possessions of a Brighton woman who lived during the 70s, to the belongings of an artistic mother who died too young.Curated by theatre maker Jolie Booth (HIP Trip of Brighton: A Psychedelic Wander / HIP), and artist Lucy Malone (My Late Mother’s Future Work)”

Jolie discusses both pieces, exploring how she works and linking the two shows together in relation to her aritstic development.

Paul Levy talks to Jolie Booth from Kriya Arts