A small ‘thank you’ gift for the future of the fabulous Edinburgh Fringe

By Lori Hamilton

At last it’s confirmed – the 2021 Edinburgh Fringe is happening! I’m SO EXCITED. And I’m so grateful.

The importance of the Edinburgh Fringe: When I was in college at UCLA, one of my favorite classes was Modern British Drama, where we learned about the incredible impact of the Fringe on the quality and quantity of amazing theatre, film, TV, music and comedy throughout the UK.  The writer/director Julia Cameron says: “weeds and trees look the same on the forest floor”. The way to get great ideas is to have a LOT of ideas. The Edinburgh Fringe is uniquely positioned to encourage all manner of creative expression.

Lori Hamilton – ready to head to Edinburgh.

My gratitude for the Edinburgh Fringe and The Space UK is huge. Over the last 18 months, I have had chances to do 15 online shows both by myself and with other artists. I’ve been brought into a wonderful community of creative people who deeply care about putting work out into the world.  The warmth, support, and collaboration I’ve seen across-the-board from everyone I’ve encountered.

Commitment to the festival.  As I talk about in my show, there have been times in my life when I was so poor that all I could afford to eat was rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Now that I’m in a position to give back, I’m making a strong commitment to the Edinburgh Fringe. First, I will be there, even if it means I have to quarantine when I arrive in Scotland, second, 100% of all my ticket sales will be donated back to the Edinburgh Fringe and The Space UK.

I’ve received so many gifts – support, encouragement, opportunities to perform – in the last 18 months. The Edinburgh Fringe and The Space UK have really helped keep me going throughout Covid. I am proud and happy to do whatever I can to give back to the people and organisations who have given me so very much.

Hoping to see you all in August live and in person at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Let me know what your story is about what the Edinburgh Fringe means to you.  What is your Fringe story? What does it mean to you?