Here is Joe’s list of Brighton Fringe comedy recommendations

Brighton Fringe is back and with it, lots of great comedy. Here are my top tips for some of the best comedy around. Just to make it easier, I’ve included links to each of the shows.

First up Shaggers, hosted by Nik Coppin. I was lucky enough to review this show last year, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This compilation show works so well because the audience are expecting adult comedy, and that it exactly what you get.

Next up is Dave Chawner: Underdog. This is a show about dogs, defeat and determination. If you go to a lot of comedy, some names come up again and again. Dave Chawner is one of those. Hopefully, this year, I can get to find out what all the fuss is about.

New York has a rich comedy history, grounded in fast delivery, sharp observation and clever word play. Katharyn Henson, is in this category. Suitably sharp and dark, this is comedy with edges.

Robin Morgan is on the verge of a big break. He is notching up an impressive CV of TV appearances, writing credits and tour support. I sae his 2019 show in Edinburgh, he is a confident, accomplished and talented performer.

Good Luck Out There, Human by Caitlin Cook looks very entertaining. Check out the trailer on the Brighton Fringe Website, it made me laugh out loud. Clearly Caitlin has bags of talent and a confident delivery style.

I first met Aidan Goatley at a Sweet Venues Launch Party and he has to be one of the nicest men in comedy. Bringing a positive spin to his comedy, this is a heart-warming experience rather than savage satire.

This list wouldn’t be complete without a spot of musical comedy. Sam Rhodes brings Colossus of Rhodes, with his whimsy, puns, and banging tunes delivered with his unique, easy going style.

If you’ve ever wondered whether Stand Up Comedy can offer something a bit different, check out Des Kapital: The Joy of Marx. The first time I saw this, i wondered what I was watching, then I started laughing and it didn’t seem to matter any more. The songs are surprisingly good.

For those of you who like your comedy on the surreal side, check out Paul F Taylor: The Writing is on The Wall. Absurd, surreal, with punchlines that you won’t expect and some bits that will leave you wondering what you were laughing at, this is different comedy.

Previously I have implored you to go to Work In Progress shows. While they can be a mixed bag, they are a great opportunity to see some top stand ups, for low cost, in a more relaxed setting. Because comedy is such an interactive art form, the audience response is a key part of building a set, and by going to a WIP you help them develop their shows. So, here is a list of WIP shows, that I think will be worth seeing.

Let’s start with Liam Withnail. Based in Edinburgh, this London lad is bursting with comedy talent. I was on the Amused Moose judging panel, where he won Outstanding Show. It is fair to say, when I saw him, he smashed it out of the park.

Helen Bauer. Having seen several videos of her performance, she has the material and the talent to deliver it. She has been high on my list of acts to see for a while now.

I’ve seen Jenny Collier on three separate occasions, and each time she has impressed, Frank, funny and sharp, Jenny should be much better known than she is, it is only a matter of time.

Fresh from several performances on Mock the Week, Alasdair Beckett-King brings a unique style and an engaging manner to his comedy.

Last year I got to see Pete Wells WIP show, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am looking forward to seeing what he has got for us this year.

What can I say about Maisie Adam, her comedy career has taken off. She is justifiably in high demand and to see her perform for a £5 is cracking value.

Bursting with creativity, with a long list of tv and radio credits, sell out Edinburgh shows, various awards and two published collection of essays, there is every reason to recommend seeing Sara Barron… for a fiver!

If you are a fan of puns and one liners, then check out Darren Walsh. I doubt there is a comedy show at this year’s Brighton Fringe with a higher gag count.