If you can’t find time – make time

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. This past 7th of February we had the last performance of the month and we then moved on to organize the first edition of an International Physical Theatre Festival in the city of Alba, Italy.

FISICO 2020 – The Sensemaker – photo by Eunice Brovida www.eunicebrovidafoto.com

I didn’t want to write about it as it was a real shot of the dark for me. Common wisdom says that in order to accomplish something you have to get out of the comfort zone. This time it was like sailing around Cape Horn without a life vest.

I didn’t see any point in writing about a possible disaster. However, contrary to what I expected FISICO (www.fisicofestival.it) has been quite a success. We had 5 sold-out shows out of 10 and all the performances were just great.

We’re therefore heading towards another edition (we called this edition a study-edition which is a prudent way of saying ‘let’s see what happens before we commit to anything’) and apart from a few bumps along the way it has been quite an enjoyable ride.

Sudden success takes a lot of time. In this case we’ve been working on this since June 2018. Fear of the unknown was before me all the time but I found a way of discarding it.

How? Simple, work on 2 big projects simultaneously. That way you don’t have to obsess solely on one of them. As a matter of fact, in just about three hours I’ll have to pick up 2 actresses that will arrive from London to start working on the second project, our show about cyberbullying.

Script is not ready, props are missing, I still haven’t thought about the setup, we only have one week to rehearse.

How can you find time to do all the things you do?‘, a friend of mine once asked me.

It’s easy. If you can’t find time… make time.

And with this little message I’m going to grab my life vest and dash off. I’ll keep you posted on this new adventure.

See you on the other side of the Cape (unless I sink first).