The quiet before the storm

It’s been a hectic 2 weeks and I must say that between the unbearable heat and the tons of things I’m doing at the moment I’m on the verge of a breakdown. Now, that happened before and it’s not a tragedy. It’s a good way to know what your limits are and how far you can go. I’d rather they meet me than impose them on myself.

At the end of the day it’s your mind that makes you spring into action and if action is impeded from the very start it will always lose momentum. In other words the most dangerous saboteur of your projects is yourself. Too much reasoning will keep you aground. A child mind will make you fly (ask Suzuki).

Shoshin all the way and sushi on a tray.

Now, as far as covid-19 is concerned apparently the situation here is very quiet. Even a bit too much I fear.

The kind of quiet that precedes a storm.

I’m therefore using this window of apparent peace to think long-term and work on future projects. I’d rather dedicate time on this than chasing any ephemeral satisfaction (such as being in a hurry to set foot on a stage again because I’m chasing bills).

I’m therefore working on the production of a new theatre show while developing two documentaries at the same time. One is edited and released (long story) and I’m shooting the other one as I’m writing this post. I’m slowly moving into film production or better said I’m merging theatre and film into a new kind of production chain where one is the extension of the other and viceversa.

Covid cracked my mind all right.

During the lockdown I had some quasi-hallucinations that made me travel far away into the future. Among the many things I saw during my corona-psychoses is how the world of theatre festivals will be permanently changed by what happened.

A beautiful 17th century church in Coazzolo, Alba, Italy. Its walls have been painted by British-artist David Tremlett. Have I seen it before during in one of my psychotic states?

Allow me to digress for a second.

Did you know that our current passports (the document and its concept) were a by-product of the Spanish flu? I just discovered it a couple of days ago. Apparently they were firstly devised as a temporary measure. It’s a good example of how some of the changes we are witnessing are here to stay forever.

Back to my corona-psychosis.

I decided to follow it and as a matter of fact we’re working on the second edition of FISICO (Alba International Physical Theatre Festival) along these lines. I do not want to reveal too much, and in any case it’s difficult to describe an hallucination unless you had one.

However, what I can say is that yesterday we started location scouting based on this crazy vision.

A theatre in the round near Alba in Coazzolo, Italy. The stage is made of grass.

And because I fear the tsunami is building up after the earthquake we’re also thinking to hold it in the month of May 2021. By October we should have a clearer picture and see how high the wave is so we’re holding any final decision until then.

In any case I’m sure about something

It’s not the moment to cower back and hide in your den.

This is the moment to attack and be bold (and if you’re like me being bold and bald at the same time makes a lot of sense).

Enjoy the quiet.

The team of FISICO enjoying a moment of quiet in the Coazzolo Castle.