FringeReview Awards Memory Lane

FringeReview was founded in 2006. I was looking through a clunk old hard disk drive this evening and came across a few images of our hand-painted, much coveted FringeReview teapots – the trophy of the Outstanding Theatre Award…

Below is out teapot scrap book covering Fringes from Edinburgh. Brighton and beyond. Not all of the awards are there from the last decade and a half, though we’ll add more as they come to light. Do send any relevant pictures and memories of our awards to

First up is Robert Cohen for his show The Trials of Harvey Matusow in 2012. I found three reviews of this show. In 2010, in 2013, then in 2017. “Informative, infuriatingly endearing it’s also Cohen’s first masterpiece, however small-scaled. For that reason too, it holds a particular freshness, a discovery of a remarkable voice. Or two” said Simon Jenner. We gave the award at the famous Rock pub in Kemp Town, Brighton.




















A happy Robert Cohen and Jen Rowe (who was to become Mrs Hi Vis)




And now it gets murkey. I will do detective work and try to put show names to dates. Help!












David Bramwell’s award for The Haunted Moustache back in 2008 took him by surprise. It was at the legendary Upstairs at Three and Ten in Brighton, avenue that somehow morphed a few years later into The Warren. Read the review here.














Follow Me, directed by Guy Masterson and starring Beth Fitzgerald and Ross Gurney-Randall was all about the last woman to be hanged in the UK. It played Komedia and also the Nightingale, both in Brighton. Read the review here.

Now, a real memory for FringeReview is Retreat that played an Edinburgh Fringe legend of a venue – Roman Eagle Lodge back in 2007 and you can find out what we said about it here.


Sting For Nolte was the quirkiest show we’ve even given an award to and you had to be there to see it. We can’t even find the review of it in our faded archive. The Guardian gave it three stars. We rated it outstanding and they loved their unexpected teapot.

Did we set them on their way? Back in 2007 we also gave a teapot (note it is green) to the now legendary Enfants Terribles (I am desperately seeking the review as we write).

In 2009 we gave Nicky Haydn, co-founder of the Warren a teapot for her portrayal of Janis Jopin. Read the review here. Or was it for an earier version at the Marlborough?









2010 Awards at Brighton Fringe were Rachel Backman and Stillpoint Theatre’s Steal Compass, Drive North, Disappear (at the Nightingale Theatre.. We also gave a teapot to the musical Here Comes the Bride at St Andre’s Church, also in Brighton.

More teapot memories are on the way.