The Week or So Before

This one one of my favourite Brighton cafes.

Can you guess where it is.Here in the week or so before Brighton Fringe, I am at a preview show. Preview week, or Week Zero as it is known at the humungous Edinburgh Fringe is normal fare. In Brighton preview shows are a lot rarer. What are previews for at fringe festivals? A chance to bed in, to iron out creaees, to pre-face the fears and the demons, to get home-crowd honest and friendly feedback.

The danger in Brighton is that you could cannibalize your own ticket sales when it all officially kicks off.

But the spirit of early try out is a good one. Too many shows in fringe festivals do not hit the ground running and the first reviews, (which could be from a Nstional), too often reflect it. Unless you are 110% confident your show is fullproof polished and ready to road, a low key, under the radar preview could just safe your life, your show, and even keep your mojo safe and purring.

Oh, and by the way: The Marwood.