The Edinburgh Fringe Through the Lens of Richard Daniels

I’m fortunate to be back in this lovely city of Edinburgh, my 9th consecutive year. Like many visitors I am excited to be here especially as I wander the streets meeting people taking photographs and seeing shows.

This is my view of the fringe which I hope you will enjoy. Scroll through the page look at the pictures and maybe this will encourage you to see something different.

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2018 Gallery

Greenside Launch on Thursday 2nd August

Following the kind invitation to the Greenside launch I went on to find out how C Venues were getting 0n with their set up. They were in the middle of things but I managed to find the press office and was rewarded by an invite to their launch.

C venues launch on Friday 3rd August

After photographing a number of launches and shows I took some time out to sort some pictures out for you – there will be more to come. Here is the early morning launch at 9:30 would you believe, and these are their photographs.

PQA Launch at Riddles Court on Saturday 4th August

I find myself jumping forward to Tuesday midday and the gremlins have struck. Appointment with the ‘Apple Store’ (others are available) –  update: Success and there’s nothing wrong. So back to the photos. My storage is sorted, uploads completed – on with the editing. Come back again soon to find more photos.

The morning has been taken up with editing ‘The Space’ venue launch pictures – Here they are. Don’t forget to click on the image to visit the gallery.

The Space – Venue Launch 3rd August

Some more pictures from last week – The show ‘Belly of a Drunken Piano‘ Assembly Rooms – Ballroom (Venue 20).

Belly of a Drunken Piano

I returned to ‘The Space’ at Surgeons Hall a couple of days ago to photograph ‘DNA – A daring vision’ in Theatre One. This one woman show, full of atmosphere is pictured here. Click on the image below to see the gallery.

DNA – A daring vision

With their last show scheduled for tonight at C Venues (Venue 34) at 6:05 here are the pictures from Tartan Olé. Fear not though there will be a new show starting on Sunday.

Tartan Olé at C Venue 34

Saturday evening at Fringe Central and I’ve just about caught up with my picture editing as I give you a selection of photos from a children’s show. Clown Town aims squarely for children as the ‘Sphere Clown Band’ involve the young members of the audience in their songs and magic.

Pictures from Clown Town – The Space at Surgeons Hall

Following my long editing session I wandered down to the ‘Liquid Rooms’ to find an intractable security guard on the door. I had been asked along to photograph ‘Beldon Haigh and the Mother Of All Bands (MOAB) at their only performance on the fringe. Unfortunately he did not wish to understand that someone had been asked to photograph them and was very unhelpful. Fortunately a quick call resolved the issue and I was allowed access to the venue. Here are the pictures.

Beldon Haigh and the Mother Of All Bands

I’m still here despite being quiet for a day or so. Each year I’m fortunate to have been invited to the ‘Death On The Fringe‘ show case, where a number of shows “that explore different aspects of death and dying”

‘Death On The Fringe’ showcase

Here I am heading towards the end of my last full day in Edinburgh, I have just finished my first run through of Witt ‘n Camp and here are the pics.

Witt ‘n Camp: Swag – Assembly George Square Studios at 8:00pm

I returned home safely in the early hours of Friday morning and since then I have caught up with a few things and completed another gallery of photographs. On my last day I saw “Falkland – The War the World Forgot” at Greenside Nicholson Square.

Falkland The War the World Forgot – Greenside Nicholson Square at 13:50

I’ve taken plenty of photographs of a number of shows, and it has been fun. Hopefully the performers I have photographed and anyone else visiting my page have liked these pictures.

Over the next couple of weeks I hope to be able to complete this page to give a long lasting view of my fringe experience this year. I also plan to give the galleries where the pictures are hosted a make-over to give a better look and feel. Bookmark the galleries and don’t forget to come back and thanks for visiting.

Happy New Year

Entering 2019 is the time to consider what we have before us:

  • Brighton Fringe
  • Edinburgh Fringe

These are the two main events which I will attend this year in May and August respectively. Meanwhile my main non-fringe event will be the Kop Hill Climb in Princes Risborough over the weekend of the 21st and 22nd September 2019. Planning for this with others is already underway.

Look out for my new blog for ‘2019’ as I hope to be at the London Launch of the Brighton Fringe in a couple of months.

Edinburgh Fringe – On the Horizon

The new ‘Festival Fringe’ programme came out a few days ago and I’ve got my copy. I’ve scanned it for an idea of what’s in store for 2019, and I’m preparing to apply for accreditation now that it is open.

Time to sort out my itinerary, check my equipment and prepare!

Accreditation now been confirmed so yes I’ll be taking photos at shows, launches and everywhere I can during the first few weeks of this year’s festival fringe.

Next step is to launch my 2019 page for ‘FringeReview’

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