Launches. . . Launches. . . Launches. . .

These are a selection of my galleries featuring the Press Launches held during the first week.

Cello on Fire

theSpaceUK Press Launch – hosted by John Rowe featuring a few of more than 440 shows at ‘theSpaceUK’

Assembly Press Launch

A view of the audience

The patient audience awaits the start of the performance which previewed many of the shows at the Assembly venues.

‘Death on the Fringe’ Now in its sixth year showcases some of their series of shows, lectures, exhibitions and other events looking at death and dying which takes place during the fringe each year – a ‘Festival within a Festival’

‘Meet the Media’ last Saturday is the opportunity for performers to pitch their shows to members of the media, it can be difficult to interest reviewers as a good review can help to attract audiences. This is a busy afternoon for all concerned. The fringe society achieved the seemingly impossible and organised a well attended afternoon.

Company members queuing to meet members of the media

There is one meet the media on the first Saturday of the Fringe. In order to give an opportunity to companies that begin their run on the 12th August, thespaceUK organised a mini meet the media in their VIP bar on Sunday 11th. I was there chatting and taking photos.

Listening to Nick’s welcome.


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