Richard Daniels Edinburgh Fringe 2022

I’m very happy to be back at the ‘Fringe’ this August with my camera for FringeReview after a couple of years absence. 

Looking back

Enjoyable as it is, this will be very different time for me, because my good friend, the well known fringe performer, “Lynn Ruth Miller” will never be with us again. Sadly, we lost a real character in September last year, someone who loved performing especially in Edinburgh at the ‘Fringe’. 

Lynn Ruth as many knew her

I will no longer be able to wander the city streets with Lynn, from show to show, or between her performing, compering or making guest appearances. No more late night walks and long chats. I miss her, but many probably miss her as much or even more than I do. 

Looking forwards

How different my fringe experience will be remains to be seen. Arriving on the 2nd August, I plan to make a few of the venue launches, try and capture the atmosphere this year, and select a few shows to see. I will also be available to photograph a few shows over the 11 days that I’m here. If you see me around say hello.

75th anniversary

I first came to the fringe in 2009 taking photos and making videos so look out for a few pictures of Lynn Ruth and others from my collection. Let’s hope for a great year for celebration and a return to a fantastic fringe in 2022.

Sunday arrived as I spent these first few days catching as many of the launch shows as I could which consequently kept me busy sorting them all out and preparing them for gallery display on ‘fringeReview’.

2022 Fringe

The First Week

A very busy time trying to catch the Venue Press Launches, reviewing the pictures and preparing for you to see. I was interested to see the variety of ways the opening act was presented in the space available. Hopefully these pictures will give you an idea.

Moving on to my Second Week.

As I review this second week of my fringe today and prepare to leave midday tomorrow I appreciate the varied shows that I’ve photographed. This has been a good return for me and I’ve enjoyed it immensely although I’ve been rushing around. So much so you will notice that I’ve not included any general shots so far, which I’ll attempt to remedy tomorrow before I go.

I’ve already said how much I enjoy working with FringeReview, so much so that I’m considering returning next week for another session however that’s not yet been confirmed. Meanwhile I’ll sort out the rest of the photographs to bring to you on these pages. That means the shows themselves.

Here is a list of shows that I’ve photographed for you to select and view

Returning for the last few days

I was so thrilled to be here for those couple of weeks that I couldn’t keep away. So with a few chores out of the way I packed my bags and returned. So here are a couple more galleries that I’ve managed to finish off as I will endeavour to give you some general shots of the fringe as it prepares to close down for another year.

Counting Down to Sunday

As this year’s fringe comes to a close I’m trying to make sure that I’ve fitted in all the things I wanted to do, an impossible task as there is so much here. I would also like to thank all those that I’ve come into contact with over these few weeks in August. All the disparate individuals that make the fringe what it is. I love the interaction with everyone I meet, and then there are those that invite me in to photograph their shows. Thank you one and all.

Richard Daniels is FringeReview’s photographer,

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