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Brighton Fringe Theatre Recommendations

Theatre forms a huge part of the Fringe, alongside comedy. But there are plenty of other genres to enjoy in this, our creative hub that is Brighton.

We’ll be adding recommendations, previews and interviews each day so bookmark this page is you are a fan of theatre at the Brighton Fringe.

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Our early list of theatre recommendations

Not all of the fringe shows are available to book at Brighton Fringe but here are five to see (in our view) so book early…


The Fabulous Bäckström Brothers

UK premiere of the Finnish international musical comedy hit, combining opera, pin-sharp musical variety and stomach-crampingly funny physical comedy, directed by Spymonkey’s Toby Park and Aitor Basauri. Baritone Jouni Bäckström has invited his brother Petri to spend some quality time cruising across the States, as only opera-singing brothers can, on the famous Route 66. Petri has other ideas – in order to rehearse his big role as Siegfried, he has brought his pianist Jukka Nykänen with him, who is working on his magnum opus The God Particle. Richard Wagner meets Johnny Cash in a Ring of Fire.


The Sleeper

An overnight train, somewhere through Europe. Karina, a very British writer, naively reports a woman sleeping in her bunk. Then she does it again. Forever connected by this simple action, these two women are played and replayed in the mind of a writer who examines the stories we tell each other and how we choose to tell them. This provocative and poignant new play weaves together the real testimony of Syrian refugees and the personal experience of writer Henry C Krempels. Called “an exceptional piece of theatre making” by The Guardian


Being Julie Andrews

Growing up in the West Midlands’ equivalent of the Von Trapps, the musicals of Julie Andrews were a touchstone for Lesley in times of joy and sorrow. She wanted to be Julie Andrews. However, Lesley qualified as a solicitor after her dad said she had to have a proper job. We follow Lesley through her journey, from conception to motherhood and she tells us all, using props and songs from the shows. The show was well reviewed at Buxton Fringe.


Falkland: The War the World Forgot

We were impressed with the work of Tasty Monster Productions at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2016.

Under the starry blanket of night, two unlikely friends, a young soldier and a curmudgeonly farmer, find new camaraderie as the big show plays out in the theatre of war around them. Bitter conflict, questionable politics and moral debate engage us in a traumatic but necessary journey through the lives of the two men, their families, and the many twists and turns they encounter on the road to redemption. Inspired by real events and real people, incorporating archival news, historical photography, and multimedia, ‘Falkland’ highlights and honours the extraordinary actions of ordinary people.



Box Tale Soup consistently deliver quality theatre work.

A fictional fantasy about the realities of hope and survival in collaboration with Music Action International. Told with beautiful handmade puppetry and inspired by true stories of refugees, the story is interwoven with a vivid, atmospheric score by Stone Flowers.

We’ll be updating this list and adding links as reviews come in throughout the Fringe