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Sweet Venues, a stalwart venue at the Edinburgh Fringe hosts venues in Brighton as well with new spaces and plenty of theatre, cabaret, comedy and music. And the good news is that Sweet isn’t only in Brighton for the Fringe. Some of its venues here are now year-round Sweet venues. Sweet!

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The Suite of Sweet Venues at Brighton Fringe

Suite is fringe in our books because its venues are spread out across our fair city. Sweetwerks is at 15-17 Middle Street. Sweet @ The Welly is located at the Wellington Pub at 70 Upper Gloucester Road near Brighton Station. Sweet at The Mayo, is behind 58 Richmond Road.

Sweet Venues in Brighton Year-Round

Sweet Venues plays host to theatre all year-round in Brighton.

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Paul Levy talks to J D Henshaw from Sweet Venues. J D reflects on what makes Sweet Venues unique, its “cultural family” ethos. He describes how Sweet finds and creates performance spaces and shares some personal reflections on why it is important to keep venues on a human scale.

Paul Levy talks to J D Henshaw from Sweet Venues

Show highlights and recommendations

I want to see…

 Seven Ages of Mam  Griffin and Jones: Surprisingly Good Magicians  Wolf Tamer

Our intelligent and intuitive way to find a show or event at Sweet Venues.

I want to see…

… a funny and contemporary re-imagining of Shakespeare’s famous soliloquy, The Seven Ages of Man. Then see The Seven Ages of Mam

… a company we have highly recommended in the past. Then see Clean

… a maritime theatre piece. Then see Canvas & Rum

… a solo show about war and family. Then see Conflict of Interest

… a feminist-folk-horror based on the 19th century Sussex tale of ‘Ol’ Sary Weaver’. Then see Sary

… a fictitious talk show with a live audience, featuring a guest from the afterlife. Then see Taboo

… an autobiographical, often humorous, exploration of grief and the power of storytelling. Then see Wolf Tamer

… some magic. Then see Griffin and Jones: Surprisingly Good Magicians

… some verbatim theatre. Then see Coming Home with Me

… some unique live poetry, a hit in Edinburgh. Then see Stealth Aspies

… some ghostly theatre, a seance. Then see Talking to the Dead: A Seance

… some Alan Ayckbourn. then see Alan Ayckbourn Double Bill

… a play about TV legend Ted Rogers. Then see Bin & Gone

 Tiptree: No One Else’s Damn Secret But My Own

… some biographical theatre. Then see Tiptree: No One Else’s Damn Secret But My Own

… Laurel and Hardy. Then see The Laurel & Hardy Radio Show

… an award-winning comedian. Then see Odd Socks

… ninety minutes of unstoppable panel show mayhem. Then see Imaginary Porno Charades

… a weird comedy show and the only homage to ITV’s ‘Nightscreen’. Then see Niteskreen

We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.

Link Collage

Here’s a different way to find a show at Sweet Venues

We’ve chosen a few intriguing images from the programme that grabbed us.

Click on an image that draws you and you’ll find a show – then get booking…


 Operation Annunaki (Save Caroline Lucas from Illuminati Lizard Sacrifice)   The Poseidon Conjecture

 Good Grief   DUPed


We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.

Keyword Chaos

 Hypnotique Presents: Totally Wired

We’ve selected evocative phrases from the Sweet programme.

Click on the ones that intrigue you and you might just find the show you need to see…

Journey through a landscape filled with log cabins, forests, mountains and magical waterfalls, drawn through clever riffs and augmented fiddle playing, harmonies and dance. 

Pascal lives a lonely life with his mother in Paris. On his way to school one day, he finds a red balloon and together they discover the true meaning of friendship.

A night exploring the grimy underbelly of a girls’ night out. The perils of creepy dudes, lad culture, and general unwanted attention face almost every girl when partying, so why aren’t we talking about it? 

A funny, poignant and uplifting account of what cosmology, and those who study it, have to say about the more earthly matters of life and love. 

What happens when eccentricity meets electricity? What connects the invention of the light bulb to the Berlin techno scene?

You were sort of friends when you were young, and then sometime in the 90s, you’re both at Uni and you bond over your love of ‘The West Wing’, walking and talking your way down life’s own Pennsylvania Avenue, until you inevitably fall out over a girl. 


We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.

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