Brighton Fringe Venue Focus: The Old Courtroom

Old Courtroom Productions Logo, Brighton Festival

The Old Courtroom is a uniqe venue at the Fringe.

With home made cakes and cookies on offer, alongside a programme that includes film, theatre and music, it is well worth a visit.

“Caan, Dev, Luke & Tony welcome you to the Old Courtroom”

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I want to see… at The Old Courtroom


We see a lot of Fringe around the world.

We keep our ears to the ground.

So here is our intuitive show-finding tool for The Old Courtroom

I want to see…

… a mix of puppetry, theatre and dance, carving a tender, entrancing performance of horror and humour. Then see WATCHING, Ceci n’est pas de Deux

… some magic. Then see Caspar Thomas: The Art of Close-Up Magic

… an award-winning performance from Amsterdam Fringe 2018. Then see The World We Live In

… queer fairytale with all the Disney drag you could imagine. Then see Miss Disney: Dreams That Glitter

… some classic political theatre. Then see The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists

… some unique theatre. Then see The World We Live In

… a theatrical adaptation of a coming-out novel. Then see The Milkman’s On His Way

… workshop exploring the Art and Fun of Acting and Dancing through Puppetry. Then see The Art and Fun of Acting and Dancing through Puppetry

We’ll be adding more recommendations in the run up to, and during the Fringe.