An attempt at gritty reality

“I can’t believe how much WORK goes into making a show. I mean before you got into this, I thought performers just rocked up, did their stuff and went home”. My eyes narrow, as husband adds hurriedly…”I mean I knew there was SOME extra work involved…..” The truth is, when I started, I had no […]

Exploring the Human Condition at Brighton Fringe

There may be a dearth of political shows at fringe festivals (including Brighton Fringe) but there is no shortage of create work across all genres examining, exploring, describing and portraying what it i to be human, to be alive, the struggle of life, of staying well, sane and purposeful. Many fringe shows ask deep, quirky […]

Venue Focus at Brighton Fringe: Junkyard Dogs

At the Brighthelm Centre on North Road for the Fringe. Junkyard Dogs is now an established and proper Fringe venue. theatre, comedy and other genres, and this year it has moved. They now offer a new space at the Brighhelm Centre on North Road as well. Check out The Howler here. Look at the Doghouse […]

Happy April Fool’s Day!

And why not start this blog with a celebration of The Fool, otherwise known as the Patron Saint of Fringe Artists? He’s the young chap in fancy garb and yellow boots on Card 0 of the Tarot Deck – with which I assume many Brighton residents are familiar. Open armed, he stands on a cliff […]

Venue Focus at Brighton Fringe: The Purple Playhouse Theatre

36 Montefiore Road, Hove,East Sussex,BN3 6EP A  theatre with café/bar, fully accessible and a 10 minute walk from the Seven Dials. There’s a small but interesting choice of shows on this Fringe. The Purple Playhouse Theatre is a true Fringe venue – accessible but not slap bang in the centre of the city. It stages […]

Getting Political at Brighton Fringe

Political theatre and art making is often woefully lacking at Fringe  festivals. I have always assumed and hoped that the Arts is a disruptive influence on politics in society. Sadly not. Once again there are very fews shows attempting to explore and address political questions, let alone disrupt or protest. But there are a few… […]

Brighton Fringe Keyword Chaos

We trawl through the Fringe programme, previews and press releases and are pulling out phrases and sentences that intrigue, inspire and interest us. We link that to the performers’ track records of work. So, use your intuition and click on a phrase that piques your own curiousity and perhaps you’ll find a show you want […]

Classic Writers and Theatre at Brighton Fringe 2019

If you are looking for classic writers and plays at Brighton Fringe, there are plenty to choose from this year. From modern to ancient, I am impressed with some of the offerings. Some are new on the Fringe, others are making a return, and more than a few are stopping off from other Fringes, particularly […]

The FringeReview Brighton Fringe Link Collage

  A different way to explore Brighton Fringe, our Link Collage contains shows we recommend presented in the form of images. All of the images are taken from the Fringe programme. If you are tired of words, words, words, take a more visual approach. These are shows we have seen, or companies whose work we highly […]

                  Paul Levy guides you through the Brighton Fringe jungle. The Brighton Fringe Programme is huge. Hopefully publications such as Fringe Review help you to navigate your way through it. Even then it can feel overwhelming what to see, especially if you are on a limited budget […]

The Nordic Season at the Brighton Fringe

The international “seasons” which have become a staple of the larger Fringe festivals certainly involve a bit of international travel for some of the heads of those festivals. Is it all self-indulgent, or something more? the exchanges have certainly seen some fine and diverse fringe work arrive on our shores that would have probably not […]

Legends and Icons at Brighton Fringe 2019

Paul Levy offers some highlights and recommendations for shows that explore and celebrate icons and legends. Fringe Theatre has always been curious, celebratory and a fair bit opportunistic. Legends from entertainment, the arts and history are explored across the genres, to some success and occasional disaster. Here are a few of our highlights.   In […]