Happy April Fool’s Day!

And why not start this blog with a celebration of The Fool, otherwise known as the Patron Saint of Fringe Artists? He’s the young chap in fancy garb and yellow boots on Card 0 of the Tarot Deck – with which I assume many Brighton residents are familiar. Open armed, he stands on a cliff […]

The Gentle Art Of Flyering

I found myself in Brighton on Saturday flyering for Andrew Pepper’s show (House of Pepper – fantastic show, over now  – those of you who didn’t pick up a flyer – lol.) We trod the streets of Brighton together, Mr Pepper looking resplendent in a pink furry coat and he got a lovely audience on […]

It’s rehearsal week!

FINALLY! I get to work on my show! It’s rehearsal week, first three days at my house, then off to St Gabriel’s Pimlico for two workshop performances. It’s all about getting Honey’s Happening in tip-top condition for Brighton Fringe and beyond, working with a new Director, Oliver Senton, and a new co-star Rhiannon Vivian. What […]

Creative Highs and Campervans

It’s a bit of a cliché that performers live just for those few moments on stage. There are many highs, which admittedly include a massive laugh followed by thunderous applause but much as we love and need our audiences, it’s not always about you. A great rehearsal is a thousand times more fun than a […]

An attempt at gritty reality

“I can’t believe how much WORK goes into making a show. I mean before you got into this, I thought performers just rocked up, did their stuff and went home”. My eyes narrow, as husband adds hurriedly…”I mean I knew there was SOME extra work involved…..” The truth is, when I started, I had no […]