Happy April Fool’s Day!

And why not start this blog with a celebration of The Fool, otherwise known as the Patron Saint of Fringe Artists? He’s the young chap in fancy garb and yellow boots on Card 0 of the Tarot Deck – with which I assume many Brighton residents are familiar. Open armed, he stands on a cliff […]

Creative Highs and Campervans

It’s a bit of a cliché that performers live just for those few moments on stage. There are many highs, which admittedly include a massive laugh followed by thunderous applause but much as we love and need our audiences, it’s not always about you. A great rehearsal is a thousand times more fun than a […]

An attempt at gritty reality

“I can’t believe how much WORK goes into making a show. I mean before you got into this, I thought performers just rocked up, did their stuff and went home”. My eyes narrow, as husband adds hurriedly…”I mean I knew there was SOME extra work involved…..” The truth is, when I started, I had no […]