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Brighton Fringe 2023

Bloody Medea!!!

Physical comedy debut by April Small; with a bit part for Zeus, puppet-deaths and an elephant themed singsong.

I Believe in One Bach

An absorbing, extraordinarily well-written short play on letting go of your identity, the part giving it meaning. It’s also excoriatingly funny. On a mundane level, it’s case of ‘work won’t love you back’; on another, to quote the Narrator, this work’s not a noun but a verb. In addressing how we live up to the transcendence we create for ourselves, it affirms the unanswerable. The finest new short play of the fringe.


Brilliantly bonkers - a visual ‘mise-en-scène!’

Sleeping Trees: Western!

Sleeping Trees return to Brighton!

The Heist | Solo Full Mask Show

Imaginative storytelling – Not to be missed!

The Sewage

Two brothers, a lost goldfish, and a world of grotesque creatures ...


When Absolutely Fabulous meets the Mighty Boosh!

Who Is No. 1?

An outstanding script, with consummate acting. It ought to make London.