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Brighton Fringe 2022

Artificial Intelligence Improvisation

Professional improvisers beware. The robots are after your jobs.

Laughing Horse Clean Pick of The Fringe

The best stand up-up comedy from the fringe but with the swear words removed!

Moral Panic

A film censor navigates turbulent times in his work and at home - a comic one-hander with some horror thrown in.

Nathan Cassidy: Observational

With a crippling bad back, Nathan joins a gym and a big, strong man changes his life

Now That’s What I Call A Lot Of Songs About Science

John Hinton performs hilarious songs of science from a very extensive repertoire


Freddie Hayes spud-u-like

Science Magic

Science you can do around the house!


The latest play by Brian Mitchell (Lord God, Ministry of Biscuits) and Joseph Nixon (The Shark is Broken)

Wild Onion

Cabaret with onions - a match made in heaven!