Brighton Fringe

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Brighton Fringe 2018

Arr We There Yet?

A Madcap Mashup of Circus and Storytelling with a Little Tango for Extra Spice

Bear North

Do come if you want charm, unpredictable choruses and weather. And where else can you see a dancing bear not even brushed backwards in the making of this show?

Margo & Mr. Whatsit

A Fantastical Family Adventure with a Lot of Heart

Oskar’s Amazing Adventure

Oskar's a lovable puppy, living out life in Switzerland with a myriad of other creatures and, of course, a grandmother.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

A Plethora of Swashbuckling Heroes and Lovable Rogues in this endearing rendition of Robin Hood

The Looker

A show about freedom. Funny, subversive, deeply philosophical - and beautiful.

The Wind In The Willows

A Wonderful and Whimsical Family Adventure