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Brighton Year-Round 2020

A Coward Coupling

Family Album is possibly the most disastrous production this already unfortunate play has ever sustained. More, Coward would declare it’s a travesty; of genius. Hands Across the Sea is pitch-perfect in a slightly outré version of what Coward meant.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

With Baum’s direction they and we discover new thresholds, new anatomies

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A theatrical arcady on our doorstep

A Visit From Miss Prothero, Afterplay

If you see one production this Christmas, see this.


Richly charactered, thoroughly absorbing.

As You Like It

Heartwarming, giddyingly vital yet clear with its own truth.

Blithe Spirit

The final moments turn a superb revival into a masterpiece.

Blood Brothers

The blend of definitive and new cast members in a recent classic has overwhelming impact: as story, as lyric fable, as terrible moral for these distracted times.

Crongton Knights

A small masterclass in storytelling from the ground up

Di and Viv and Rose

Three friends. Two decades. One unbreakable bond.

Ghost Stories

Don’t waste your ticket. Stay to the end if you dare.

He’s Dead

Was Tupac depressed?

Henry IV Part 1

Here the shadows fall the more convincingly to join with those chimes at midnight in Henry IV/2.

Henry IV Part 2

An alert, dark-hued production. We have heard the chimes at midnight

John Collins Organ Recital

A masterly, absorbing introduction to unknown composers

King John

A tedious brief tragedy? King John is fun… It’s been said.

Lance Mok Piano Recital

Confirms Mok confirms he’s a pianist bristling with oblique lyricism and spiky character – an ideal late 19th century-20th century interpreter.


A stylishly visceral production.

Marco Leung Solo Flute Recital

Someone you want back.

Moon Tales

A one-woman, thirteen-moon wonder

Much Ado About Nothing

A blissfully alive production.


Like The French Lieutenant’s Woman, there are now two endings to Quartet. You must see this if you know the film only, or care about music, ageing, friendship and achingly lost love.

Rebel Boob

What happens when your life as you know it stops, and then starts again.

Richard III

A deeply revolving production.


An Edinburgh International Festival, HOME Manchester, Spoleto Festival USA & Theatre de la Ville Paris co-production


A sublimely silly farce. BLT deliver with panache and punch. Believe the whispers.

Sam Brown A John Dowland Lute Recital

A climactic Fantasia lifts the atmosphere of this recital to something quite apt. A superb debut.

Simon Watterton Piano Recital

Another pianist to welcome back before he gets snapped up, even in this climate. Superb.

Sirius Chau and Irena Radic Flute and Piano Recital

A terrific journey. We need more of this.

Stewart Lee: Snowflake/Tornado

Stewart Lee is Marmite


Mark Wilson and his team triumph in a whisper, and a restraining cry.

The Merry Wives of Windsor

A joyful fleet production, a more-than-rough magic. What renders OFS unique is their fearlessness: a humour and zest to tear into buried Shakespeare, read the entrails.

The Winterling

A triumph. Nearly flawless, it must be seen by anyone interested in contemporary drama.

Thriller Live

A literally thrilling two-plus hours

Troilus and Cressida

We’re privileged to see this rarely-performed work moulded by OFS. A play for our times.

Uncle Vanya

The definitive Vanya for our times

Yaqi Yao, Violin and Cheung Man Lok Piano Recital

A memorable debut, with welcome original repertoire


This dragon's on fire