Camden Fringe

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Camden Fringe 2019


A modern interpretation of Bacchae, an interesting concept with a lot of potential

Baby Mine

Full of dark themes and thrilling twists

Before I am Lost

A celebration of Hilda Doolittle, the mother of imagist poetry


From conception to execution this is pure brilliance!

Come Fly with Fred

Uncomfortable to watch from start to finish - in the best way possible!

Feeling Lonely at Parties

An intriguing physical piece


An exceptional, multilayered piece that will keep you on the edge of your seat - if not on your toes!

Jim Clapp: Magnum Opus

Completely absurd and utterly entertaining


A beautiful and intriguing piece giving visibility to Dora Maar and other great women

The Cardboard Kitchen Project

A relatable story and an entertaining performance

The Mozart Question

Wonderfully directed with amazing attention to detail

When it happens

A hilarious socially engaged comedy!