Edinburgh Fringe

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Edinburgh Fringe 2023

Broadway Diva

A magical journey through classic musical theatre show tunes

Charmaine Wombwell: Ma’s Monster

part clown, part Buffon and zany comedy character with loads of humility, charm and warmth.

Child of Sunday

A touching and tender way to beginf a day at the Fringe.

Drageoke Wonderland

A truly hidden gem of 45 minutes in anyone’s life.

Fabulett 1933

"This show had people laugh out loud and moved to tears."

The Imitator

Julián Fontalvo imitates the voices 70 famous singers as he tells his life story.

The Last Show Before We Die

An incredibly unique show and the epitome of the Fringe essence

Who’s Been a Naughty Chops

A one woman show determined to win by any form of submission.