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Edinburgh Fringe 2023


Weinachter is an interchangeable chameleon: not just a dancer, but a rare performer who can do it all! Her style and execution of ideas paints a beautiful memory of her idiosyncratic talents in exploring the beginning and end of life. Stunningly poignant.

Child of Sunday

A touching and tender way to beginf a day at the Fringe.

Colleen Lavin: Do The Robots Think I’m Funny

“ Murderbot is going to asses my performance,” says Lavin at the top of the show, “And then you’re going to decide if you care.” At least in this case, the robot did find Colleen Lavin to be very funny. I have to say I agree.


An evocative and touching personal take on a hidden corner of London’s waterways.


This is how it ends, and I am glad I was there to see


An intimate play exploring some often overlooked issues in gay culture.

One Room Sleep One Night

There’s No Sleeping in This Room

The Last Flapper

Zelda is portrayed as a sympathetic, misused woman without taking away her teeth or her sense of humor.

This Is Not A Play (It’s A Pathetic Cry For Help)

A stunning solo performance of an exquisitely intricate script