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Edinburgh Fringe 2022

Brother’s Keeper

A moving, harrowing and well-crafted tale of survival from childhood abuse.

For Queen And Country

The British soldier who became a Parisian nightclub drag queen to spy on the Nazis. An accomplished piece.

Happy Meal

A queer rom com where Millennial meets Gen Z and change is all around.

Horrible Herstories

An attempt, in the best possible tradition to retell a history which was very much her story to tell

No Place Like Home

Part epic poem, part solo drama, with music, dance and video art - a problematic portrayal of gay club culture.

Ode to Joy (How Gordon Got To Go To The Nasty Pig Party)

Graphic and hilarious portrayal of life, love and friendship on the gay chem sex party scene.

Rajesh and Naresh

A witty feel-good gay love story that moves between Mumbai and London.

The Chosen Haram

A masterful fusion of circus, dance and visual storytelling, delivering a profoundly modern queer tale.

The MP, Aunty Mandy and Me

A young gay man from a small northern village gets sucked into the heady world of working for his local MP, and faces many big dilemmas.


: Profound, hilarious comedy where gay tart Calvin tries to sort out his life and mental health with the help Wilf, a rusty Volkswagen polo.